IBM TSM 6.1 Unified Data Protection and Recovery Management

IT organizations are challenged with maintaining application and data availability while satisfying compliance requirements and service level agreements. Relentless information growth is straining IT resources—necessitating greater investments—yet capital and operational expenses are under scrutiny. Given this conflict, IT organizations are seeking efficiency and optimization to regain control. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) software is a client/server software solution providing backup/recovery, archive, hierarchical storage management (HSM), and disaster recovery (DR). This ESG Lab Validation focuses on key improvements in the TSM platform that drive greater efficiency: incorporation of the DB2 database for enhanced scalability, availability and performance; embedded data deduplication; enhanced monitoring and reporting; as well as integration with NetApp‘s Snapshot Difference API and SnapMirror to tape technologies to back up IBM N series and NetApp FAS volumes.

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White Paper :IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 6 – Driving Greater Efficiency and Cost Reduction

The design principles of IBM TSM are evidence of the company’s foresight concerning efficiency and optimization of data management. TSM’s data lifecycle management, integrated archiving, tiered storage architecture, and efficiencies in moving and managing data for operational and disaster recovery are its most notable aspects. Today, data growth’s impact on IT environments and, specifically, backup and recovery is the primary driver for IBM to further enhance the TSM platform. TSM’s new features can have a considerable effect on the performance, scale, capacity, and management optimization of the backup/recovery and archiving environments—delivering even greater levels of efficiency, and, ultimately, cost reduction.


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Building a Smarter Infrastructure…

IBM Ireland held an event in Belfast and Dublin in April  which was a free IBM Software and Storage seminar looking at current challenges of managing growing storage environments with reduced budgets using the latest storage management and virtualisation tools. If you are faced with any of these issues contact Robert Lanigan at:

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